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A Qualified Team

Our team of architects and interior designers help walk you through the furnishing process, transforming your visions into solutions with precision. We are attentive to your preferences and only design your space keeping your needs in mind. We're here to guide you through every stage of the furnishing process, down to every last detail.

Our team of international professionals, come from diverse cultures, hence making it easier to connect with our international customers. Our team understands that your say is what matters most, thus keeping you updated and involved throughout this unique experience.

Design and Construction

Creating a complete furnishing project is a journey through exclusivity, functionality and design. You, our clients, are led through this entire process while having one-on-one access to our craftsmen and international designers. This network of transparency and knowledge is where your experience with us begins.

We believe in providing unique yet personal furnishing projects that are delivered and fitted into your space impeccably with ease. Our worldwide logistics network helps us reach you in any corner of the world.

“Everywhere you are, everything you wish”, our motto is rich in meaning because it describes a journey that commences with our team understanding everything you wish for in your space and ends with all your requirements being met.

Everywhere you are, everything you wish

Smooth delivery

The final step in achieving your dream home is delivery and assembly. We, at bredaquaranta, handle every intricate detail of the process, solving problems as they come while keeping local laws governing imports and customs in mind with the goal of getting your furniture to you as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Purchasing and post-sale service

We're located in the heart of the design district in Milan surrounded by the most respected brands in the world, making it easy for us to introduce our clients to the world of design. Once you are familiar with us and the brands we work with, we help you select the best solutions for your space, with the latest products and finishes.

Deliveries are made with our company fleet which allows us to meet specific needs of our customers. Assembly is always carried out by our specialized personnel, thus guaranteeing perfect completion of the project with precise installation. Our team also provides information involving care of the products in detail and tips to maintain your furniture through the years.

Your relationship with bredaquaranta does not end your purchase, it continues to grow over time due to our post-sale service. Our service not only guarantees complete and efficient service to our clients wherever they are but also helps in maintenance of the products sold through the years. Our end-to-end service starts with understanding and listening to our customer and ends with a satisfied customer.