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Vizio Living Divani

Brand: Living Divani

Product category: Living Divani Complements

Designer: Leonardo Talarico

Availability: On request

Vizio is an elegant, refined symbol of hedonism and conviviality. Vizio was created by the designer Leonardo Talarico for the Living Divani collection. The structural composition and the rich finishes make this item ideal both for indoor and outdoor spaces.

The piece of furniture develops from a tubular steel structure which ends with a round base plate and features a central stem equipped with a tray. A second tubular element crosses the first one and ends with a round top.

The item is available in black or white.

Vizio is characterised by an unusual, innovative design, enhanced by a sophisticated, dynamic shape. Simple graphic signs are turned into strongly material elements, which express an incisive, unique character.

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