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Diatomee Paola Lenti

Brand: Paola Lenti

Product category: Paola Lenti Carpets

Designer: CR&S

Availability: On request

The Diatomee modular rug, signed by CRS for the Paola Lenti collection, is composed of square, round, and rectangular elements.

Each element consists of an upper layer made of Brio fabric and a lower layer made of synthetic felt obtained from polyester fibers, derived from the recycling of biodegradable bottles, combined and reshaped in profile. The elements are assembled together to form a free composition that allows the underlying flooring to be glimpsed through the spaces between the components at their point of junction.

The Diatomee rug stands out as a furnishing complement with a strong personality, capable of defining, with creative momentum and a careful eye on the environment, every type of indoor space.

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Paola Lenti

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