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Pois Paola Lenti

Brand: Paola Lenti

Product category: Paola Lenti Small Tables

Availability: On request

The Pois coffee table, designed by M. Ferrera for the Paola Lenti collection, boasts an iconic and authentic design that makes it suitable for any outdoor environment and interior decor. Its distinctive feature is the base structure, which is versatile and available in various sizes. The base is crafted from treated stainless steel with different finishes.

The innovative and highly functional structure acts as support for the surface, which is made of painted aluminum and adorned with a glass artisanal decoration. This decoration depicts a geometric pattern of dots in different sizes and colors.

The artisanal craftsmanship ensures the authenticity of each piece, with any irregularities in the material guaranteeing the uniqueness of every Pois coffee table.

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