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Alivar Dealer – Milan - Italy

Alivar international dealer

Alivar is a Tuscan company founded in 1984 with the idea of restoring value to the masterpieces that have made the history of contemporary furniture and design.
The company offers furnishing objects for every room in the house, all with the same attention for style and technological evolution. The brand’s idea is to create comprehensive furnishing schemes that can outfit homes harmoniously, to make them coherent and unique.

Alivar makes two main collections: Brilliant Lifestyle and Home Project. The first is inspired by the history of design. It contains light, comfortable projects with strong personalities. Their products are inspired by the past, present or future: timeless and ideal for people who love refined but understated luxury furniture that gets its value from history, in the concept and quality of the materials used to make them.
The Home Project collection was designed by the architect Giuseppe Bavuso. His idea was to create home furnishings in which each element was unique, current and also independent from every trend. The fulcrum of the collection is the company’s woodworking tradition, which originates from Tuscan cabinetry techniques, and results in unique pieces of furniture that display strength and elegance while raising Italian style to the highest levels.

Alivar pays particular attention to the choice of raw materials and processing techniques. Wood becomes more beauty and valuable as it ages, acquiring texture and veining with unique shading that changes from piece to piece. Even the more particular woods used by the company all come from sustainable forests, sought after with passion and care in all parts of the world to create surprising and extremely current pieces.

Marble and stone are fundamental elements for a Tuscan brand like Alivar. Tones and shading add prestige and charm to the furniture on which they are placed, and increase their value and beauty.

Alivar’s product range includes essential and rigorous tables and bookcases, along with sofas, a dormeuse, poufs, wall mounted systems and beds with elegant sophisticated lines.

The Tailor sofa stands out for its soft lines and extremely comfortable seat. Its linear geometric shape gives it a simple look, but also makes it very versatile with its movable cushions that can be used in any position.

The essentiality and purity of Alivar’s style emerge in the bookcases, such as Ibis. This project by Theo Beunen features a steel structure anchored to the wall and suspended from the floor.

The Alivar tables are some of its best loved products. Board is quite memorable for its minimal shape and rigor. Its oak base is matched with a precious marble top that can be rectangular or square, to fit the owner’s needs. The Cut table furnishes a room simply with sophisticated style, thanks to its stylised steel base, which can be matched with a crystal glass or marble top.

Alivar presents the market with the idea of producing entire furniture projects for both the home furnishings and office sectors. For this reason, you can ask the architects and interior designers at Bredaquaranta to help you find the best way to build a project that reflects your own tastes and desires.

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