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Black Tie
Black Tie Dealer – Milan - Italy

Black Tie furniture dealer

The perfect description of the Black Tie brand in one word: elegance. This quality has always been the objective of its founder, Pier Luigi Frighetto, and it characterises the production of sofas, chairs and other products. It shows in their fine craftsmanship and the care dedicated to finishes.

Elegance is never a destination. It is the subject of continuous research and a perceptible choice: maniacal attention to detail. Each product is perceived as a tailored suit or designer dress, in which elegance is perceived during the earliest design phases and then implemented through the choice of raw materials, fine craftsmanship and luxury finishes.
In addition to living rooms, the determined character of Black Tie outfits the entire home with elegance: beds, lamps, mirrors and screens for the bedroom and a collection of unique and impeccably styled tables and chairs for the kitchen. These pieces are perfect for people who want to experience their homes to the fullest, and share their spaces with their loved ones.

Frighetto selected designers who could create uncommon pieces of furniture and decorations from very high quality materials, such as canaletto walnut, brass, 18K gold, velvet, braids and trim.

Each Black Tie product is hand made in Italy, and supplied with a passport that guarantees its quality and unique characteristics. Sofas, armchairs and chairs are built on request by expert artisans, under the artistic direction of the founder, a guarantee of the impeccable quality of the processes and the brand’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

The most popular products are certainly the sofas, including Alato, a simple linear sofa that has two wide, wing-shaped armrests. The base is solid and invisible, even to the most attentive observer. This unique detail gives it lightness and refined style, and makes it an expression of pure Italian design.
For a larger, more comfortable sofa, Pier Luigi Frighetto created the Dante sofa, ideal for people who want an oasis where they can relax and share quality time with friends and family. Its shapes are as soft as its seat cushions, filled with goose down and memory foam, materials ideal for guaranteeing maximum comfort and many years of high performance.

The entire production chain is in Italy, from the fabric and leather upholstery to the padding and fillers. Each component of these products and each production phase should be considered essential parts of the final result. Elegance is not simply a question of appearance, but lies in the essence of things and their overall harmony. This brand has created understated style for a customer who knows how to choose.

The Italian quality of Black Tie Furniture can be found in the Bredaquaranta showrooms in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni, where a team of designers and architects can help you find the furniture to best fit your spaces and personal taste.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Black Tie brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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