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Capo d'Opera
Capo d'Opera Dealer – Milan - Italy

Capo d'Opera international dealer

Search of opposites: minimalism and decoration, luxury and simplicity. These are the keys of interpretation of the work that Capo d'Opera expresses through their collections for the bathroom and living areas.

The hallmark of this young company is an amazing ability to synthesize technical skill and the search for the unique special craft with the aim of creating products that boast very high quality and a high artistic value.

Dozens of geometric textures and seemingly irregular, decorative or minimalist, colours, engraving, sandblasting, high-tech treatments, quality materials, finishes, details: endless opportunities to combine and mix to get the unique product that fully meets the customer's expectations.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Capo d'Opera brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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Who Designed Flyer by Capod'Opera

Silvano Pierdonà created Flyer for Capod’Opera. This collection is the result of an exercise in synthesis that moves towards essentiality: a disappearing handle, a…

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Essential Lines and Unique Textures: New Capod'opera Tables

Capod’opera has a new collection that, like the previous ones, features products with unique lines and distinguishing textures that convey strong identity-driven…

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Elegant Tables from the New Capod'opera Collection

The brand’s new tables from the new collection are bold, so there is no need to be afraid to try something new. The first one we’re going to show you is by designer…

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Aero: the Collection by Capo d'Opera

Product designer Alessio Bassan has presented the Aero collection for the Capo d’Opera brand. This series of sideboards and cabinets fully expresses the company’s…

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New Atelier Collection by Capo d'Opera

Capo d’Opera has created a new collection of units with ultra-thin coplanar sliding doors: Atelier. The entire collection is a tribute to modernity and aesthetic…

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