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Cattelan Italia
Cattelan Italia Dealer – Milan - Italy

Cattelan Italia international dealer

Cattelan Italia was founded in 1979 by Giorgio and Silvia Cattelan. In the decades that followed, the company witnessed exponential growth in the demand for their products and, starting from small complements in marble, they expanded to include lines of tables, chairs and bookcases.

Rigid safety standards ensure that Cattelan Italia puts only high quality furniture on the market, in which wood, leather, metal and glass provide a strong aesthetic impact and guarantee excellent performance and durability.
Each of their simple, beautiful objects demonstrates how functionality and aesthetics can coexist in spontaneous, refined furnishings that evoke authentic emotions.

Cattelan Italia Tables

Cattelan Italia exhibits the brand's 40 years of experience perfectly through their collection of design tables with linear geometric lines. It is easy to find the perfect piece to make any room unique.

Their wide range of modern tables includes different models to can fulfil different needs: extendible tables, produced with mechanisms that help to manage available space; ceramic tables, created out of fine marble to add a refined touch and functionality to any living room; crystal tables, this pure, elegant material conveys a sense of lightness. For those who love the warmth of wood, Cattelan Italia also offers wooden tables that convey a strong sense acceptance through the solidity of the material.

The Skorpio Table by Cattelan Italia is one of the brand’s real best selling products. This impressive fixed table has a sculptural base in painted steel, and the crystal top makes it unique and elegant. Through an assortment of different sizes and shapes, Skorpio is perfect for any room in the house.

The Dragon Table is a design piece with a marble top and a painted metal base, a large rigorous structure ideal for prestigious modern homes. A range of different finishes makes Dragon highly customisable, the result of the level traditional artisan expertise that is a hallmark of Cattelan Italia.

Cattelan Italia Chairs

Creativity, style and comfort are the values on which Cattelan Italia has based the development of over 80 collections of chairs. This vast range matches the brand’s many tables, in order to create unique harmonious furnishing schemes.

There are many comfortable chairs with essential lines, such as the elegant Isabel chair, available in different heights and with a light cushion that partially wraps around the backrest.

Design Furnishings Made in Italy

Cattelan Italia, originally founded in Veneto, is a true source of excellence in the design furnishing sector that has never stopped growing and expanding. The key to its continuous success is undoubtedly the drive to create authentic furnishings, that embody real values and convey emotions.
The founders believe that choosing furniture for our homes means choosing pieces that make us feel good and bring us wellness in the material sense of the term. Shapes that taper to essential concepts allow the client to best express him or herself in an environment that provides important emotions.

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