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Liu Jo Living Collection
Italian Interior Furnishings

Liu Jo Living Collection furniture dealer

The famous fashion brand Liu-Jo has entered the world of furniture with the Liu-Jo Living Collection: the brand intends to redesign spaces by giving them an unexpected, exciting look completely designed for the people who live in them. Versatility is the brand’s founding concept, which attributes great importance to a tailored look and the possibility of reconfiguring and reinterpreting each object to fit personal taste and inclinations.

Sofas, beds, chairs, tables and armchairs are the result of aesthetic explorations. Contaminations create actual stories, able to lend personality and significant character to the home environment.
The quality level is typical of Italian products, and it shows in the entire manufacturing process - from the choice of raw materials to final assembly.

The mix between Italian fashion and manufacturing tradition results in fresh, captivating products, in which none of the quality or functional aspects are left to chance. This collection is a new way of interpreting space, free from the preconceived notions of precise shapes. It was created to adapt and enhance the room, just like a high fashion dress.

Giuseppe Viganò presents Urban Fan, a collection that includes different contaminations which allowed him to make unique furnishings and seamlessly combine modern and retro styles. One of the most interesting pieces is Hidden Island, an authentic oasis that will become the centre of your living room when you entertain in the evenings: a small table remains hidden under super-comfy poufs, ready to be pulled out when the time comes to sit down and chat.
The Botton Up sofa expresses the brand’s philosophy most effectively: in fact, its upholstery is completely removable and easily adaptable to the current furnishing scheme.

Simone Cagnazzo has completely abandoned the canonical concepts to create Ceci est un Caillou, a collection in which each piece is much more than it seems. Unique, comfortable shapes inspired by river rocks are irregular and can be positioned in any type of context without ever looking out of place. Armchairs, lamps, tables, chairs and sofas fully enhance any indoor or outdoor space, helping to create a unique and unrepeatable furnishing scheme made with typical Italian tailored quality.
The most representative piece of the collection is the Ensemble Caillou, available in both an indoor and outdoor version. This modular system includes many different elements which can be configured to fit the needs of the moment to form a relaxing oasis where fun is the main attraction. The first element is the rug, perfect for insulating the floor space. It forms a base of the mattress, which was designed to make the seating more comfortable. Then we have the stone, which has a base that adheres to the mattress. It is ideal as a backrest for support when watching TV or reading. Each Ensemble element can be outfitted as desired with a completely removable slipcover.

Liu-Jo furniture is ideal for people who want to enjoy their spaces without precise boundaries. The collections include furniture and accessories for every room in the home - high quality, original, eclectic and customizable to fit the particular space and the owner’s personality.

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