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Longhi Dealer – Milan - Italy

Longhi furniture dealer

Longhi is known for having a clear-cut connection with contemporary living and paying particular attention to the evolution of taste while staying well-rooted in its production methods.

Longhi's collections interpret the values of a design philosophy that values comfort, functionality and design, able to make every piece of furniture part of a coordinated system that is both elegant and sober.

The brand has always stood apart for its use of exclusive, noble materials and also for the shapes that have evolved from constant research and continuous evolution which arises from a tradition of great craftsmanship.

The variety of aspects considered has allowed them to create a complete assortment of household furnishings, including collections for outdoor and professional spaces. This is the result of a coherent global business strategy that invests in every stage of the production process.

Each object is made with attention to detail and an accurate choice of materials, which form the soul of each furnishing project by Fratelli Longhi.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Longhi brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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Longhi's Sophisticated Headline Door Collection

Headline is a glamorous collection of elegant doors from Longhi, created to exceed common limits imposed by mass production that end up standardizing rooms and…

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Bravery Sofa and Rhythm Collection by Longhi

Longhi presents a piece from its new Rhythm collection, the Bravery sofa created by the designer Ben Wu. This sofa has a solid wooden structure with…

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Bravery Sofa from Longhi Loveluxe Collection

The Longhi Loveluxe collection was created by expert artisans to fully reflect the brand’s elegant and refined style. In fact, the designers combine high quality…

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Be Mine by Longhi: Decorative Sliding Doors

Longhi’s catalogue includes many systems of doors and Be Mine can furnish any space with style. Doors used to be considered as self-standing elements, distant from…

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The Fabulous Lloyd Armchair by Longhi

Longhi has created its new Loveluxe collection around the fine woodworking techniques it blends with modern design to form the brand’s elegant and refined taste.…

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