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Lu Murano
Lu Murano Dealer – Milan - Italy

Glass Chandeliers by Lu Murano

Lu Murano emerged from the ancient Vetreria Fornasier, which was founded by one of the most renowned master glassmakers in Murano, Luigi Fornasier. Later, his son Fabio took over the company management and added new experimentation with shapes and colours to his father’s traditional processes to create an original series of unique and surprising lamps and chandeliers.

Lamps and Chandeliers by Lu Murano are available at our Bredaquaranta showroom, where you can admire the most iconic pieces and choose the one that is perfect for completing your personal project.

Venetian glass crafting is an ancient process. The roots of this tradition originated on a small island in the lagoon, Murano, known for its excellent artisan processes resulting from a combination of techniques and secrets handed down from generation to generation. Since the Renaissance, glass chandeliers from Murano have been exported and installed in palaces and courts of that time, and today they are still chosen to complete the furnishing schemes of hotels and luxury homes. Lu Murano stands out for its contemporary collections and also for knowing how to create personalised lamps and installations in glass on request.

The crystal lamps designed by Fabio Fornasier are proof of a possible fusion of artisan tradition and contemporary style, even in a sector like Murano glass, which is known for being extremely close to its traditions. Ancient techniques and innovation blend to create a mix of art and functionality, which is so appreciated both in Italy and abroad that some of their creations are on display in museums. Fabio’s new concept for making lamps is the basis for Lu Murano: blown glass can take on curved, light and dynamic shapes.

The LU Murano lamp collection is the result of years of research and experimentation on various prototypes. The selection of chandeliers emerging from this research has different designs, structures and assembly methods. Each chandelier, or rather, “illuminating works”, as Fornasier defines them, is created specifically for the room that it is destined for. Therefore, it is unique and cannot be duplicated. Expert glassmakers at Lu Murano shape and model each piece of blown glass to create innovative and contemporary design lamps that adapt elegantly to classic and modern furnishing schemes.

To discover the unique charm of Lu Murano lamps and chandeliers in Milan and the province, we look forward to seeing you at our Bredaquaranta showrooms, reference points in Lombardy for design furnishings. Our team of professionals will know how to guide you in choosing the chandelier that is right for your needs.

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