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Meridiani Dealer – Milan - Italy

Meridiani furniture dealer

Meridiani was established by its founder, Laura Ferraro Crosti, with the specific aim of creating a collection of products offering a modern take on classical furniture themes. Meridiani’s furniture instantly stood out for its timeless elegance that looks beyond the latest fads and fashions.

The first collection was developed in collaboration with designer Andrea Parisio, currently the artistic director of Meridiani. Thirty years on, the brand has established itself on the Italian furniture market for its wide range of products reflecting a sophisticated, international lifestyle, but also for its highly customer-oriented approach.
Its collections are made up of timeless, elegant, instantly recognisable products for living, sleeping, and outdoor areas. Central throughout is the use of sophisticated fabrics such as linen, cotton, velvet and chenille to upholster sofas, beds and seats.

An all-Italian quality exudes from every Meridiani piece of furniture, conceived and produced entirely in Italy using nothing but the very best raw materials. Production is entrusted to qualified personnel capable of working every material in the best way possible so as to enhance its unique characteristics. Every product comes with a quality certificate guaranteeing the Italian origin and quality of the products purchased.

Stylish furniture throughout the home

Among the company’s many remarkable products, the Forrest Soft sofa brings the classic sofa lines up to date with most modern textiles and textures. The James sofa is another Meridiani best seller, appreciated for its classic aesthetics characterised by soft, comfortable lines. Among the modular sofas, Bacon stands out for its structure that encompasses both the seat and the backrest cushions, as in a shell. The Teresa chair, with its solid oak wood structure and its fabric or leather cushions with a double rib seam, epitomises Meridiani’s extraordinary manufacturing capacity. Its twin version, the Teresina armchair, stands out for the leather shell covering the backrest, armrests and seat.
For the sleeping area, Meridiani offers sofa beds, single beds and double beds characterised by high quality textiles and a classic-modern style. Cases in point are the Lauren bed and the Ghost bed, both designed for a luxurious, sophisticated bedroom.

With the Open Air Collection, Meridiani has extended its furniture to encompass the outdoor world. The wide range of pieces available can be combined with the company’s indoor furniture to offer stylistic continuity between indoors and outdoors. The cushions of sofas, armchairs and lounge beds combine with a solid wood structure in a union of opposites: soft cushions blend with rigid wooden armrests, technological waterproof fabrics with the natural wooden structure.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Meridiani brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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Meridiani Milano

furniture made in italy


via Manzoni, 38


Telephone: +39 02 97070741
Email: [email protected]

Opening Times

from Monday to Friday
from 10 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm

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