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Minottiitalia Dealer – Milan - Italy

Minotti Italia international dealer

Minotti Italia is based near Como and produces furniture and furnishing solutions for homes. They are specialised mainly in cabinetry, bookcases and accessories.

High Quality Italian Furniture

All Minotti Italia’s products strictly Made in Italy so that they can guarantee the level of quality and professionalism that are implicit in an Italian product. Each production phase is carefully controlled to ensure that it meets the high standards imposed by the market.

Their pieces can be considered sculptures, due to the company’s ability to experiment with and shape new materials. The wood is combined with metal castings, iron sheets with laser-cut designs, mirrors and crystal objects, and silver and gold leaf finishes.

Minotti Italia Collections

Some creations from the new catalogue Welcome to Unexpected are truly interesting, such as Mill, a refined three-dimensional shelf with a thin profile; Boxes, a system of wood shelves that can be arranged in infinite combinations; Adone, a cabinet system decorated with curved incisions and reliefs; Roy, cabinets/shelving with a perforated structure; and Dorotea, a collection of cabinets with an optical taste decorated with reliefs and materials that dialogue with light to create patterns of triangular shadows.

All Minotti Italia furniture expresses a new way of intending furnishing accessories for the home: instead of a series of free-standing elements, these products communicate with the other pieces and the surrounding furniture to enrich the domestic environment. The materials, shapes and finishes of these collections are enhanced by the meeting of different cultures and worlds.

bredaquaranta is an authorized dealer of Minotti Italia furniture

Due to the fact that we are official Minotti Italia retailers, we can provide you with all the information about accessories and furniture from this refined Italian design brand at our showroom: our team of architects and interior designers can guide you through our vast catalogue.
Let an official Minotti Italia retailer with almost 30 years of experience help you with your furniture and you will not be disappointed.

Contact us for every kind of request

bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Minottiitalia brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

Select your product and send your request

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Within 24 hours, we will video call you to welcome you to our virtual showroom.



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