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Moooi Dealer – Milan - Italy

Moooi international dealer

Love your customers. Always give them what they expect. Show them who you are. Make me laugh. These are the four rules that the founders of Moooi, Marcel Wanders and Casper Vissers, established to express the values behind each creation made by the Dutch brand. This company’s name makes it easy to guess their objectives: The word Moooi means “marvellous” but with an extra O to be “extra marvellous”.

Brand Design Icon

In 2001, Moooi entered the world of design furniture successfully by offering bold, extravagant and unique collections. A rich line of products designed by Marcel Wanders and other internationally acclaimed designers includes chairs, wardrobes, bookcases, accessories, sofas, tables and lamps. Each element is unique, fresh and able to take its place in any type of space and furnishing scheme, adding a touch of personality.
The atmospheres are created with a mix of culture and different upholsteries and finishes: a combination of colours and fascinating textures that will captivate any observer.

The entire Moooi collection is designed to balance and combine three fundamental aspects of a design product: the exclusiveness of the object, its capacity to become a style icon and the absolute functionality of the object in daily life.

Moooi design Lamps Collection

The Moooi lighting collection is delicate, marvellous and unexpected. Heracleum is a suspension lamp inspired by an ornamental plant and, to reflect the same structure, it consists of a weave of thin branches that all end in a leaf with an LED. This charming piece combines nature and technology to furnish a space and render it unique. Another unique piece is Dandelion, available in the catalogue as a suspension lamp or a floor lamp. Inspired by the shape of the dandelion flower, this lamp transmits energy. An explosion of light starts from its interior and radiates gently outward to lighten the atmosphere like a breath of fresh air. Other Moooi lamps that have become design icons are the Horse Lamp floor lamp, the Raimond suspension lamp, the Meshmatics suspension lamp, the Perch Light collection and the unusual Party Wall Lamps.

Unique furnishings by Moooi

Moooi furniture outfits the home eclectically with different styles that blend to create sofas, sideboards, armchairs, tables, chairs and wardrobes inspired by different contexts. These aspects converge to create environments that reflect the personality of the people living in them, and convey a unique and primordial sense of home.
One of the most famous pieces is Carbon Chair, a chair created from the synergy of artisan craftsmanship and a weave of highly technological materials such as carbon fibre. Maarten Baas made the Smoke Armchair series of seating elements finished with fire. The beauty of charred wood is captured in a single piece designed to last forever, like a phoenix rising from its own ashes.
Moooi tables can really adapt to any type of taste and environment. In the catalogue, we find simple minimal pieces like the Zio Dining Table, with its modern lines revealing all of the natural beauty of oak wood. On the other side of the spectrum, we find the Paper Table, with a scenic coloured base in baroque style fitted together with the oak table top.
Moooi sofas are very popular for their generous, comfortable and inviting shapes. Among the most iconic products are Love Sofa, BFF Sofa and SLT Sofa.
In 2015, Moooi began offering rugs from the Moooi Carpets line, all with original textures and patterns. These pieces are actual works of art made with high definition printing to create evocative images with great visual impact.

Moooi Quality Guarantee

Moooi believes in using original ideas to create design objects. For this reason, they made “The Button”, the digital code of originality of a product. This code can be scanned with a dedicated app and cannot be copied.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Moooi brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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Moooi Milano

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Telephone: +39 393 7125523
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