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Panzeri Dealer – Milan - Italy

Panzeri Lamps and Chandeliers

Panzeri is an all-Italian company specialized in producing design lamps and chandeliers. At the centre of Panzeri’s work is the desire to uphold high levels of quality, tradition and innovation. This shows in the choice of raw materials, their processes, and their design choices, which all keep the standard of “Made in Italy” present and visible all over the world.

If you are looking for Panzeri lamps and chandeliers in Milan, you can find them at our Bredaquaranta showrooms in downtown Milan and in Sesto San Giovanni.

The company was founded in 1947 by Carlo Panzeri, an entrepreneur from the metalworking sector who decided to specialize in the production of lamp components. Right from the outset, the factory was known for its modern processes and cutting-edge machinery, which allowed them to create solutions for every need. As time passed, Panzeri evolved and became an authentic reference point in the sector, thanks to their ability to combine artisan know-how with the most advanced technologies. The company reached an important milestone at the end of the 1970s when they began producing design lighting. Making such highly creative products caused the company to become one of the most popular manufacturers in the world.

All production processes were done at the factory in Biassono, in Brianza, where the raw materials were delivered to be cut, cleaned, and polished with highly technological machines. Alongside the automated processes, expert artisans applied the artistic decorations and carried out the more sophisticated processes. At the end of the production process, a quality test was carried out to guarantee that the final user received the highest quality and conformity with standards.

Thanks to the experience and technology perfected over a period of many years, the company Panzeri Luci is able to fulfil orders for personalized lamps and chandeliers. Their solid relationships with raw materials suppliers make this possible, and allow them to make products with unique and exclusive characteristics.

Among the brand’s most appreciated products are the Murané lamps, designed by Matteo Thun and Benedetto Fasciana, which are made by hand with the traditional techniques of Murano. In this line, we find different suspension lamps with single spheres, ceiling roses, or multiple pendants.
Hilow is a scenographic lamp that combines transversal and longitudinal linear elements in free compositions to create a three-dimensional installation. This lamp was designed specifically to decorate a space. Another of the brand’s best selling products is the Jackie table lamp, a model with a simple but extremely functional design. Its lampshade optimizes the light output by reducing glare.

All these and other Panzeri lamps are available for purchase at our Bredaquaranta showrooms in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni. Our specialized interior designers will be happy to help you.

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