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Saint Louis
Saint Louis Dealer – Milan - Italy

Saint Louis lighting

The Saint-Louis brand of crystal represents a wealth of talent inherited from a long history. In fact, in a letter dated 1767, Louis XV gave the ancient glassworks of Münzthal the prestigious name of Verrerie Royale de Saint- Louis (Royal glassworks of Saint Louis).

Rebaptised “Cristallerie Royale de Saint-Louis” after the invention of crystal 15 years later, they have focused exclusively on making crystal and glass objects since 1829 and produce very elegant chandeliers.

Today, Saint-Louis creations emerge from exclusive know-how that involves the best master glass-makers of France and uses the most advanced technological processes to colour and mould crystal and turn it into extremely sophisticated shapes.

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"Lanternes Magiques" Vases by Saint Louis: Lovely Interplay of Light and Transparency

One of the more iconic collections from the French furnishing brand Saint Louis is the line of vases Lanternes Magiques. This is a family of containers in crystal…

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