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Toscoquattro Dealer – Milan - Italy

Toscoquattro furniture dealer

Toscoquattro redesigns the aesthetics of the bathroom to make it a peaceful oasis that offers refuge from the chaos of daily life.

The regenerating contact with water and the tactile sensations of interesting materials accompany each furnishing solution.

Careful planning and attention to detail guide the design process to a quest for beauty.

The fixtures are made from a single block of carved stone.

Extensive technological research has allowed us to offer sinks with original suspended water delivery systems: an invisible tap makes it look like the water emerges magically from the rock, like it does from a spring.

In two words: Water and Sculpture.

Showers, Tubs, Sinks, Taps and accessories are all made in the same pure and expressive noble materials. The texture of stone, the warmth of wood, and the glimmer of metal express the strong presence of the materials. It’s an interplay of infinite possibilities ranging from traditional materials to modern textures.

Space is conceived dynamically with suspended elements, floor-standing cabinets and spaces that can be decorated as desired. These solutions are modular and offer functionality and elegance.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Toscoquattro brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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