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Unox Dealer – Milan - Italy

Unox Casa Professional Ovens

For over 30 years, Unox Casa has specialized in manufacturing professional ovens. Right from the outset, it became a market leader due to its use of cutting-edge technologies. All its ovens are produced in Italy to guarantee that customers are using a safe, durable product of the highest quality. At our Bredaquaranta showrooms in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni, you can learn about all of the features of this product line, and choose the Unox oven that best suits your requirements.

Unox ovens emerge from a great passion and a desire to make innovative products for the market and achieve a level of excellence that has never been seen before. Through the years, the company has invested in the best design tools, and it managed to find the best production process to allow it to create products that are a benchmark for the market. Today, Unox products are found in the best restaurants and kitchens in the world due to their extremely high performance. Moreover, the Unox Casa division has brought the same technologies into domestic kitchens.

Unox Casa Super Oven in Milan

Among these products, the SuperOven Unox is designed for people who want the most from their kitchen. This appliance can perform 400 cooking processes, from smoking to cooking in a vacuum. This oven is ideal for true gourmet aficionados who want speed, reliability, and quality when they cook. Thanks to its precise sensors, the percentage of humidity, the temperature, and the ventilation can be regulated to guarantee uniform cooking. This oven is up to three times faster than traditional ovens.

The Super Oven lets you cook up to 10 dishes at the same time, all of the highest quality. Furthermore, each oven is equipped with a ventilation system that can eliminate all odours with its active carbon filters. Unlike other ovens on the market, each SuperOven is also equipped with a patented automatic washing system that acts with a solution of water and detergent.

Different models are available in the catalogue, including the SuperOven Model 1, a column containing 2 ovens, an integrated hood, and a compartment for storing baking dishes. The SuperOven Model 1S is more compact than the first model, with only one oven, the hood, and the storage compartment. Both models use the same technologies. The only difference is the configuration.

If you are looking for Unox Casa ovens in Milan, our Bredaquaranta showrooms are the right place to go to see them and purchase them. Our specialists will show you all of the functions of Unox Casa products, and they can answer all your questions and provide all the necessary information.

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