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New Materials for Agape Bath Collections

Some Agape products pass through the workshops of Grassi Pietre, a collaboration that involves artisan expertise, sustainability and design.

The iconic free-standing Spoon XL bathtub by the Benedini Associati firm and the Bjhon 2 column sink were offered in a new material called “Pietranova”. This agglomerate is made of Pietra di Vicenza and created by the partner Grassi Pietre. These natural materials are made from recycled cementitious building waste products. They are absolutely free from pollutants, and therefore no chemicals or resins are present in the product’s naturally porous structure.

In this way, incredibly beautiful objects can be created from recycled building waste while being attentive to environmental sustainability and common sense.

Agape offers this material with the same chemical-physical resistance as marble in four different finishes, polished, brushed, bush-hammered and etched, to open the field to a new and unequalled level of personalization in the bathroom.

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