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Driade Wins with the Nemo Armchair

Once again, Nemo appears in specific moments during the second part of the Lupin television series. Its unusual silhouette and charming design have made it a significant element in the scenography.
The main character, played by actor Omar Sy, makes his adventurous plans on a black Nemo armchair in a contemporary study equipped with every technological gadget and device that Lupin can use to copy voices, modify videos and devise perilous and unexpected subterfuges.
This armchair designed by Fabio Novembre is perfect for conveying the gentleman thief’s philosophy: the theatrical effect of the large mask allows the user to hide, find protection, and enjoy the solitude of a secret place. The eyes allow them to see without being seen. Gué Pequeno welcomed the cameras of MTV into his extravagant Lugano home during an exclusive tour on MTV Cribs. ⁠⁠

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