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Awa: the Minimal Table from B&B Italia

B&B Italia presents Awa, an asymmetrical small table. This versatile design piece is an elegant addition to any room in the house because it provides a place to set things and adds greater personality.

Awa is available in white Cristalplant®, which is a latest generation material perfect for indoor and outdoor use due to its high resistance and ductility. Cristalplant® is compact, hygienic and non-porous because it is made from aluminium trihydrates and acrylic polyester resin. Scratches or chips in this material can easily be repaired.

Awa is also available in several satin or glossy colours, which are perfect for playing with the furnishing scheme to give an extra dose of energy to any room.

The idea behind Awa comes from a drawing by Naoto Fukasawa, a Japanese product designer and professor in the Design Department of the Tama Art University.

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