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"The Cassina Perspective Goes Outdoor"

The "The Cassina Perspective Goes Outdoor" project presents the brand’s outdoor furniture collections: splendid objects that bridge the gap between the architecture and the landscape to unite interiors with outdoor areas in a unique way. These eclectic compositions for lounge and dining spaces, found on terraces and beside swimming pools, are made with quality materials that ensure long-lasting beauty and unbeatable comfort to create intimate open-air refuges.

The company and its creative team began finding a new form of expression in the en plein air concept in 2020 through the work of illustrious designers like Patricia Urquiola, Rodolfo Dordoni, Patrick Jouin, Philippe Starck and more, without forgetting the innovative reinterpretations of pieces by famous designers from the iMaestri collection.

For this project, Cassina switched wood for a particular type of stainless steel, and adopted the same hydroforming technology used to make parts of Formula One cars, which makes it possible to exactly reproduce shapes even when the thickness is reduced.

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