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Miniforms Presents Tototò Table: Clay Triumphs

Tototò is the new small table by Miniforms made of clay, entirely by hand, using a complex pottery technique. This fine clay comes from Tuscany. It’s called Red Refractory because it contains Chamotte, a fireclay used to contrast the natural water absorption property of clay.
This is how we obtain such a noble, porous and malleable material, ideal for outdoor processes.

A small table that recalls sedimentary rocks in the sea, its material appearance shows a few pebbles that indicate the natural contamination of the completely BIO material as planned by the designer.

The result is a lovely table with rounded lines, totally recyclable, and able to resist high temperatures and harsh weather. A simple object for outdoor living,
created by the expert hands of artisans who delicately shape the rounded surfaces to create a beautiful single piece destined to be handed down from one generation to the next

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