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Tables from the New Bontempi Casa Collection

The new Bontempi Casa collection has always had a mission: transforming living spaces into warm, welcoming and pleasant environments where people can experience unforgettable emotions every day.

One of the most striking pieces from the 2023-24 collection is the Luis table, a project created by the designer Andrea Radice. This table comes in an extraordinary range of 17 different variants. It offers a sophisticated structure of different circumferences in lacquered steel as a base, with the top made out of fine materials like solid wood, crystal glass, SuperCeramica and SuperMarmo. Bontempi Casa offers different versions of this table. It can be extendable, rectangular or round, and the variety ensures the highest degree of customization.

The Duke table, created by Pocci & Dondoli, is another jewel from this collection. It comes in square and rectangular versions, both extendable and fixed, with a refined structure in lacquered aluminium and top in crystal glass, SuperCeramica or SuperMarmo, as desired. This modern table is elegant and refined, perfect for the living room or the kitchen.

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