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Evocative Lines of Crazy Dream by Arketipo

In the Arketipo bedroom collection, we find a bed created by Giuseppe Viganò, inspired by the famous Crazy Diamond sofa. This new piece embodies the essence of contemporary luxury, the impeccable combination of design, comfort and engineering. Taking on the iconic style of the sofa, Crazy Dream offers a similar experience of emotional connection. Its headboard is fitted with a sophisticated mechanism that reflects the distinctive philosophy of Arketipo. This feature not only guarantees the highest degree of comfort, it also exemplifies the brand’s singular production ethics.

Building a product with this mechanism was complex due to the patented function of hiding the pillows without compromising comfort, an authentic innovation. Crazy Dream demonstrates the retro chic aesthetics created for modern times. It offers a timeless experience that perfectly combines sophisticated artisan craftsmanship with the contemporary needs of comfort and style.

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