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ADA 2023, Sustainability Award Won by Miniforms

A fresh addition to the 2023 ADA event was the new Sustainability Award, presented for the first time to a large public. This new trophy, inspired by the iconic logo of ADA, was invented by AMDL CIRCLE, headed by Michele De Lucchi and manufactured by Riva 1920 in fragrant cedar wood from Lebanon. During the event, the trophy was given to the brands which stood out in their endeavours to embrace the concepts of circular economy and ecological design.

Miniforms distinguished itself with the triangular table SUPERPOP, made of recycled plastic, by Paolo Cappello. This table transforms polyethylene into a work of art through recycling and lively colours. Light and trendy thanks to its extremely versatile design, it can be a utility table, a night table, or a stool. The material was selected due to its type and melted at low temperatures to keep from altering its properties and to commence a virtuous, circular and green process by reducing environmental impact. The available finishes are: Super White, Super Red, Super Green, and Super Black.

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