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Edaird: the Tribal Mirror by Dryad

Marcelo Burlon, the creator of the County of Milan brand, presents Edaird, a scenographic tribal mirror that evokes the Argentinean atmosphere between the earth and the sky.

The brand’s logo, originally a Tehuelche cross reinterpreted in 2019 by Bureau Borsche, symbolizes the key to the universe and looks like a mountain and its reflection in a lake. This symbol gives depth to Edaird with its shades of electric blue, the iconic colour of the County of Milan. The name of the object is the word ”Driade” read backwards, and it represents a new vision.

Known for having designed a variety of stylistic creations ranging from clothing to fragrances, Burlon reflects perfect harmony with the brand philosophy. He has always been able to explore new creative territories, and has now transformed a simple mirror into a work of art that reflects his innovative and cosmopolitan vision.

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