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Hoba Lamps by Foscarini - Like Fallen Meteorites

The lamps in Foscarini's Hoba collection, designed by Ludovica Serafini and Roberto Palomba, look like crystallised celestial stones with irregular anti-geometric shapes. Each piece is one of a kind, made of blown glass through processes that reflect the characteristic craftsmanship of yesteryear.

These beautiful luminous objects, inspired by the name of the meteorite Hoba, appear as ancestral relics and accept imperfection as perfection.

The delicate production process combines aspects of industrial mass production with handcrafted uniqueness through open moulds and glassmaking craftsmanship. The fusion of these two production processes makes it possible to have the thrill of getting a handcrafted piece at an affordable price. It is no coincidence that Foscarini's know-how in glass production has led to the creation of unparalleled lamps. Available in different versions and sizes, Hoba lamps offer high-quality lighting, and they are perfect on their own or in compositions.

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