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Paola Lenti's Short Film Chronicles Innovative Textiles

Paola Lenti has spent over two decades researching and experimenting with outdoor fabrics, as explained in the short film "Per filo e per segno". The brand’s founder reveals the process they use to create their fabrics, which represent the company’s distinctive identity. Over the years, the company has developed innovative, durable, and recyclable fabrics through the creative use of polypropylene yarns.

This mission has produced a wide range of fabrics that match garden furniture, and it also upset market conventions. The short film tells how the story of Paola Lenti is a testimony of passion, discoveries and encounters that have shaped the brand, and how their fabrics have given outdoor spaces a unique and unmistakable atmosphere.

The lightweight, waterproof, and naturally mould-proof polypropylene material has proved to be the ideal material for Paola Lenti. In addition to its durability and strength, the fact that it is recyclable makes it perfect for modern circular economy practices. Inspired by the lines of sailboats, Paola began to create a series of ropes of various sizes and complexity. This began a time of extensive research to improve the features of this product and unveil its aesthetic potential. This process has transformed it into one of the most widely used fabrics for exterior coverings.

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