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Frank B&B Italia

Brand: B&B Italia

Product category: B&B Italia Small Tables

Designer: Antonio Citterio

Availability: On request

The Frank coffee table connotes itself as a symbolic object of everyday living to blend harmoniously with the space in which it is placed. The coffee table is signed by designer Antonio Citterio for B&B Italia.
The simple geometric shapes in which the coffee table is developed make it easily customizable. The circular top is supported by the steel supporting structure. Dividing the space with essential and rigorous lines, it draws a circular base section only along the perimeter.
The alternation of solids and voids lends great rhythmic and dynamic sense to the entire composition in favor of an aesthetic of form inspired by lightness and under the banner of ergonomically functional design.

Technical drawings and Product sheet

Technical drawings Product Sheet (PDF) (464.67 kB)

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