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Kalahari Baxter

Brand: Baxter

Product category: Baxter Carpets

Designer: Baxter P

Availability: On request

The Kalahari rug, which was crafted by Baxter P. for the Baxter collection, was created with the intention of adding a touch of sophisticated modernity as well as versatility to the space it was put in.

The distinctive part of the carpet is the manual technique of spinning the mantle, which is followed by production on a loom. This process is what gives the carpet its unique look. Materials that have been manually processed have the potential to improve the surface details of the carpet. The yarn consists of a delicate viscose warp and a cotton weft. The rug comes in a number of different hues, and the side fringes add a touch of sophisticated style to the overall look.

The Kalahari rug, in any of its many styles, can help you establish your personal stamp on your space.

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