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Baxter Dealer – Milan - Italy

Baxter furniture

Baxter was founded in the heart of Brianza, at the centre of what is now the Italian furniture district par excellence. Here, the historical traditions of ancient furniture producers developed into a network of small businesses like Baxter, founded in the 1990s, but with a many years of experience. Its founders, Luigi and Paolo Bestetti, share a passion for saddle leather, present in their DNA thanks to previous generations of their family who used to make luxury furniture in leather for wealthy patrons and the aristocracy.

Baxter is a unique brand, made for refined clients who love beauty and luxury, but only if it is genuine and sustainable. The selection of the best leathers and attentive craftsmanship are the essential factors for each piece that Baxter produces. Each product stands out for its exclusive forms, and each detail is a guarantee of an unrepeatable, natural and elegant process of painstaking craftsmanship. The balance between form and materials is the result of a perfected recipe. All the ingredients are in perfect harmony and the final outcome is a collection of unique emotions, as well as an experience that makes us want to immerse ourselves completely.

Baxter’s production philosophy aims for perfect balance between longevity and naturalness: the choice of extremely high quality raw materials combined with the lack of chemicals in the production process allow the company to make long-lasting products that present their beauty through their genuine characteristics and imperfections, as they outlast all fads and trends.

They only use the finest leathers to make their collections of sofas, chairs, armchairs, tables and beds. The production process respects the raw materials, and the final result is deliberately natural with a weathered and imperfect look that confirms uniqueness and the highest quality. In addition to original aesthetics, this type of process maintains the original characteristics of the leather, or rather breathability, elasticity and resistance, which are fundamental for a product designed for many years of everyday use. From northern Europe, this type of leather comes to Italy to be processed by expert tanners who shape it to transform the creative ideas of designers into unique and unexpected interpretations: a simple fabric, an outdoor wall decoration, a velvet, and other materials go into forming thousands of interpretations which all display the high quality of each product.

This is how their best selling products were created, such as the Budapest sofa, which identifies the range of Baxter values distinctly. Essential design is in net contrast with the generous size of its seats and their unexpected softness. The saddle leather upholstery enjoys its maximum splendour with Plume leather, unique for its naturally soft surface. Another Baxter sofa is Tactile, and its name conveys the company’s intent to call attention to its texture and feel. The structure can be taken apart and each piece becomes independent to create an elegant tufted pattern that differentiates between the different elements and gives the sofa an innovative and interesting look. Diana Chester, with its refined seat in saddle leather, expresses elegance through the refined taste of yesteryear accented by the tufted capitonnè backrest. Chester Moon is the modern and unusual sofa with soft lines and capitonnè workmanship on all surfaces.

In addition to sofas, Baxter offers a wide range of leather armchairs. One of the more interesting pieces is the Nepal armchair which stands out in the catalogue for its mongolia upholstery, which enhances its modern look and makes it particular and pleasant. The structure is deliberately essential to call attention to the unique upholstery.

Alongside their upholstered products, Baxter makes collections for every room in the house: sofas, beds, armchairs, coffee tables, dining tables and complements that all share the same tireless research into selecting prime quality raw materials, non only leathers, but also woods, fabrics and metals.

The high quality of leather and timeless style of Baxter Furniture is available at the Bredaquaranta showrooms in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni, where a team of designers and architects can help you find the furniture to best fit your spaces and personal taste.

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Baxter Outdoor Gallery

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via Filippo Turati, 2


Telephone: +39 02 62087958
Email: [email protected]

Opening Times

from Monday to Saturday
from 10 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm

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