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Tee Cattelan Italia

Brand: Cattelan Italia

Product category: Cattelan Italia Console

Designer: Paolo Cattelan

Availability: On request

The sobriety of shape and the impeccable attention to every detail are the protagonists of the design of the Tee console. The console has an original T shape, defined by its top and its base.

Designed by Paolo Cattelan for the brand Cattelan Italia, this minimalist piece of furniture derives its elegance from two thin steel plates.

The Brushed finish, available in the Brushed Grey and Brushed Bronze variants, enriches the object and gives liveliness and character to its surfaces.

The essence of the material is sublimed and ennobled in a console with a singular charm.

Tee is 72 centimetres high, 25 centimetres deep and 130 or 160 centimetres wide and it needs to be fixed to a wall. Its ideal placement is close to an entrance.

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