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Splay Leg Table Knoll

Brand: Knoll

Product category: Knoll Small Tables

Designer: George Nakashima

Availability: On request

The Splay Leg Table, produced by Knoll, is a creation by George Nakashima. The references to tradition merge with the impeccable cleanness of modern style, giving birth to a wood table of extraordinary elegance. The natural beauty of the material is fully expressed and it makes the Splay Leg Table suitable for any indoor space.

The table has a base structure in American walnut and the top in the same wood or in hickory. The top has a rectangular shape and the legs are oblique.

The item has the GREENGUARD certification for environmentally friendly design.

The legendary George Nakashima obtained numerous awards, from the AIA gold medal for craftsmanship to the Order of the Sacred Treasure, an important Japanese award.

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