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Aristo Quagga Wallcovering Moooi

Brand: Moooi

Product category: Moooi Wallpaper

Availability: On request

The opulence of the mantle of the extinct animal known as the Aristo Quagga, which had the appearance of a zebra, lives on in the opulent Aristo Quagga Wallcovering Wallpaper that is manufactured by Moooi. The rhomboid mesh structure is spanned by a rich and unpredictable pattern of shadows that correspond to the animal's various streaks. The amazing impression that the decoration has on any environment is caused by the overlapping of orderly geometries and irrepressible vivacity lines.

The Aristo Quagga Wallcovering comes in several different colours, including cherry, snow, walnut, and water. Its mesh design is reminiscent of a number of lamps, including NR2 by Bertjan Pot for Moooi, and its diamond motif complements the upholstery of Marcel Wanders' Monster Chair wonderfully.

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