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Ren Poltrona Frau

Brand: Poltrona Frau

Product category: Poltrona Frau Hangers

Designer: Neri&Hu

Availability: On request

The Ren valet stand by Poltrona Frau is assembled with a clothes hanger rod paired with a trouser hanger, an oval portable compartment, and a low shelf. A timeless piece with a retro flair, yet functional and playful, featuring a birch plywood rod covered in Canaletto walnut and finished with an external frame.

Part of an extensive range of furnishings designed by Neri & Hu starting from the entrance of the house, which welcomes guests and expresses the style of decor, spreading throughout the entire home. Precious in details and flexible in forms, the Ren accessories offer refined hospitality in line with Poltrona Frau's distinctive elegance. The Ren valet stand is suitable for various environments: from the wardrobe to the bedroom, the bathroom, or a dressing corner in the study.

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Poltrona Frau

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