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Poltrona Frau
Poltrona Frau Dealer – Milan - Italy

Poltrona Frau furniture dealer

In 1912 in Turin, Renzo Frau founded “Poltrona Frau”, a company that immediately set itself apart from the competition for its production of armchairs inspired by the French and central European styles.

Success came quickly. In the 1920s, the company was already furnishing hotels and ocean liners, and they even became the official supplier of the Royal House of Savoy and the Italian Parliament.
In 1963, after a change in management, the company moved to the Marche, in the city of Tolentino. After that, they formed prestigious collaborations and contracts with clients of the calibre of the Bank of Italy offices, the European Parliament in Strasbourg and the Walt Disney Concert Hall in Los Angeles.

100% Italian Production

Poltrona Frau is known worldwide as a perfect example of the style, craftsmanship and elegance of the claim “Made in Italy”. All production phases take place at the central factory in Tolentino, where creative knowledge and technological expertise are combined. Inside the factory, we find the laboratory and the Research and Development Department, thanks to which each product is checked during each phase of the production process. After dozens of hours of processing and continuous controls on each product, the logo is branded on the piece - a symbol of authenticity, creativity and passion.

Production processes are compliant with ISO social responsibility guidelines. In fact, the Poltrona Frau factory produces all of the electricity that it uses, and has started a project called “Zero Waste” to guarantee that all waste is recycled.

Poltrona Frau’s Proposals

The company makes fine furniture for the home and office, all with the same great tailored details and high quality materials. Furnishing projects, created with the collaboration of the world’s greatest designers and architects, are flexible and adaptable to fit every need. Armchairs, sofas, beds and poufs provide the highest level of comfort and a perfect balance between design and functionality.

The Quality of Pelle Frau®

Each piece shares the same long-lasting high quality aesthetics. The secret to their success lies in the raw materials, or rather, Pelle Frau®, a type of European full grain leather worked through 20 production phases that is then divided into several collections.

Pelle Frau® Color System has 96 different shades. It is particularly wear resistant, which makes it perfect for upholstering the company’s iconic pieces and obtaining a contemporary look.

Pelle Frau® Nest, resistant and strong, is processed to obtain its characteristic deep, full colours, which enhance tiny imperfections to make the final product look handcrafted and authentic.

People who love delicate, precious leather will also love Pelle Frau® Century, which is offered in 12 different colours that evoke exclusive retro environments. Opaque and velvety, this leather covers the brand’s best selling pieces, giving them a unique charm, typical of furniture that been used over time.

Pelle Frau® Safari is a wild sensory experience that evokes African landscapes. The particular feel of this leather derives from the choice of strong, thick hides that keep their structure during the production process and form different grains to make every upholstery unique.

Poltrona Frau Furniture Icons

The brand’s most representative product is the Vanity Fair Armchair, a replica of the model from 1930 with a rounded shape that has become the prototype of the modern armchair. The leather-covered studs finishing the backrest and armrests are another iconic feature of this model.

Sanluca is another armchair that epitomises Italian design. Even though it has a rigid structure, its ergonomic, ultra-modern shape wraps around the body completely to provide moments of absolute relaxation.

A collaboration with another brand of Italian excellence has produced Cockpit, a hybrid automotive-design chair created to celebrate the 70th anniversary of Ferrari. This office chair can follow the movements and postures of the user, just like a pilot seat inside a race car. The same materials are used for the famous sportscars built in Maranello: a carbon fibre mould, steel finishings and leather upholstery.

Among the Poltrona Frau tables, the Fidelio collection of accessories emerges, a perfect match with the Poltrona Frau chairs to create versatile spaces to foster complete wellness. The geometric structure is made with ash wood crosspieces and a rectangular or round top in Emperador marble that can be wrapped in full grain leather.

Grantorino is one of the best selling sofas from Poltrona Frau. Inspired by the saddle making industry, the upholstery of this sofa combines regular leather with saddle leather, which is shaped to enhance the form of the seat.

In addition to the residential market, Poltrona Frau furnishings are also designed for the contract market, to furnish public establishments and commercial businesses. At Interior in Motion, the company presents products for the transport sector (cars, planes, ships and trains).

Spazio Poltrona Frau

Our showroom in Milan in Via Fatebenefratelli 10 is a Spazio Poltrona Frau. Not only are we official dealers, we are also a privileged reference point in the area, a store that has been selected by the company where clients can come to admire and try out the brand’s collections.

Contact us for every kind of request

bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Poltrona Frau brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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Spazio Poltrona Frau Milano

timeless craftsmanship


via Fatebenefratelli, 10


Telephone: +39 393 7125523
Email: [email protected]

Opening Times

from Monday to Saturday
from 10 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm

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