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Glide Porro

Brand: Porro

Product category: Porro Storage units

Designer: Piero Lissoni

Availability: On request

The Glide modular divider storage system, designed by Piero Lissoni for Porro, offers four different types, each with a unique aesthetic but perfectly combinable with each other. These divisions feature large custom-made curtains, with L-shaped profiles in metal painted in colors such as white, black, cuvée, moka, or antique red, framing various materials, both transparent and opaque. Thanks to the upper track, which visually maintains the continuous floor, the sliding partitions of Glide offer multiple flexible solutions to choose from or overlap suggestively to divide spaces.

Glide Kyoto features a monomaterial aesthetic with an integrated handle, ideal for creating dividing walls. Glide Miru presents an integrated handle for discreet functionality, while Glide Samurai offers a tailored cut inspired by Japanese patterns. Glide Shanghai combines transparent glass with slats of painted black metal, white cherry, or heat-treated oak, creating optical effects and suggestive contrasts.

The Porro woods, matte lacquer colors, and technological surfaces ensure a wide range of aesthetic options.
The Glide system fits perfectly into a contemporary interior style, offering versatility, clean design, and high-quality materials for elegant and functional spatial divisions.

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