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Porro Dealer – Milan - Italy

Porro - beds, bookshelves, wardrobes, chairs and accessories

Way back in 1925, a company named Porro was founded in Brianza, and it soon became one of the best known names in Italian design furniture, thanks to the quality of its finishes, materials and product functionality.
It’s no accident that Porro emerged in that region: since the beginning of the twentieth century, a network of small companies specialized in processing and transforming wood has developed into the Brianza Furniture District. Artisan know-how and techniques have been handed down through the generations in that area, and Porro set itself apart from the competition through its particular interpretations that helped create infinite, detailed finishes able to give wood original and unique appearances.
Traditional processes such as inlay, carving and bending are reinterpreted by Porro’s designers to create projects that have won important awards, such as EDIDA and the Elle Deco International Design Awards.

Bruno Munari, one of the most important exponents of Italian design, created the company’s logo. The two Os in the name are drawn as two screws seen from the top to represent the company’s key role: transforming wood into lovely pieces of furniture.
The company’s success began in the 1980s, thanks to its new art director Piero Lissoni, who has designed a few of the brand’s icons. In later decades, Porro entered the international market and began working with acclaimed designers like Jean Marie Massaud, Alessandro Mendini, Christophe Pillet and others.

Tradition and Innovation

This development happened over time through the combination of ancient artisan traditions and modern production technologies, which modified the company’s original identity into a pure and simple geometric language.
The production systems were also designed to be as simple as possible, because Porro believes that the highest quality is found in pure simplicity. The production departments are painted in essential pure white, and the phases take place one after the other with completely automated systems.
Customisation becomes structural, thanks to machinery that can produce the client’s personalised requests. Porro went beyond the rigid model of traditional production in order to respond quickly to a complex, continually evolving market. A simple production line allows them to make high quality personalised furnishings and accessories.
In its over 90 years of history, Porro has worked with the best designers in the world, who have used their sensitivity to enhance the beauty of wood and create new, unique and unrepeatable home furnishings.

Wood is the material preferred by Porro. They offer 17 different types, and clients can choose which ones would allow them to create the best environment to represent their personality. The processing of this warm material is an actual ritual that can enhance the aesthetic qualities, colours and fragrances. Tables, chairs, cabinets, wardrobes, beds and sofas can be made in the following woods: cherry, oak, pale moon, walnut, mongoy, hemlock, ash, eucalyptus, elm, rosewood and teak.

Flexible and Customizable Furniture

Porro modular systems are the brand’s hallmark products, thanks to their extreme flexibility and personalisation options.
Modern by Piero Lissoni is a storage system with rigorous geometric lines created to define spaces with the greatest degree of freedom. The square is the dominant shape, and its repetition creates a pattern of cabinets, surfaces and shelves in a range of materials and colours, with different functions to adapt completely to the final client’s needs.
System was also created by Piero Lissoni. This collection of bookcases, cabinets and accessorised surfaces can be arranged to fit the client’s needs and personality. This versatile project makes it possible to furnish any room in the house or office because it can fulfil many functions, ranging from simple bookcase to partition wall.

Wardrobes are premium products in Porro’s range of collections. One of these is Storage, which is structured in different accessories and modules to adapt perfectly to the available space and guarantee optimal organisation of the wardrobe interior.

High quality Furniture Collections

The Minimo table by Piero Lissoni was inspired by Japanese furnishings: it’s simple, essential and symmetrical. The table legs are inclined and fitted into the table top, which is a unique, horizontal monolithic surface that can accommodate many things. The entire structure is made in solid hemlock wood, available in two versions: natural or stained black. Minimo reflects Porro’s ideology perfectly, which is based on the production of simple objects of extremely high quality, and for this reason, the furnishings can be placed easily in different contexts such as a dining room or an office meeting room.
The Metallico Porro table is the opposite of the Minimo for its materials. The top and legs are made in solid aluminium, 12 mm thick. Essential aesthetics give the product solidity and lightness. It can be rectangular or square in shape, and adapts perfectly to meeting rooms or dining rooms.
The aluminium surface is finished with innovative processes that give it an exceptional velvety feel.

The innovative Gentle chair is unique, in that it represents the harmony of opposites in a project with simple, fluid lines. Two typical shapes of the chair are combined to form a two-coloured object made of two different materials: metal for the backrest and rear legs, and light coloured wood for the armrests and front legs.

Another unique piece from the Porro cabinet collection is Mikado, an elegant sideboard that was inspired by exotic environments. Its ash wood slats are inclined and slightly turned to show the interior and create an interesting visual game that makes the structure appear lighter. It can also be used as an original divider between spaces.

Furnish your home with the essential style and unique quality of Porro, a leading company in its sector that is 100% Italian and has made woodworking its vocation.

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