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Albed Dealer – Milan - Italy

Albed - Wardrobes, closets, bookcases, doors

Albed, founded in 1964, is specialised in producing aluminium furnishings such as doors, walk in wardrobes and furnishing complements made completely in Italy. Their products share the same stylistic-philosophical concept that allows different domestic elements to complement each other.
The company has enjoyed a period of evolution and growth in recent years, while also maintaining its original principles which make it possible to furnish a home or office with modern, refined and dynamic style.

The common denominator of the Albed collection is aluminium, an ecological material that is processed into different forms. The company has over 50 years of know-how gained through the continuous desire to create rooms that can transmit great personality and emotions, through the use of small complements and larger elements. In fact, Albed makes furniture and complements that seem to belong to different worlds but actually combine to produce even more value.

Albed is specialised in the production of doors, modular walls, walk-in wardrobes, bookcases, tables and complements, all made of a combination of steel, glass and wood.
Each element is seen not only as a necessary object, but also as a way of telling a story and revealing the idea and the design behind a piece.

“Even a simple gesture like placing one’s hand on a door handle and then opening the door has enormous value.” Albed produces sliding doors, hinged doors and pocket doors - all with innovative design. Their products are made from materials that improve performance levels considerably, and also can integrate architecture with interior design.

Albed’s modular walls satisfy the most complex design requirements for homes and offices. Aluminium, crystal and wood enhance the spaces and play with light to become more than elements that separate or furnish passages. These pieces are the actual centrepieces of the environment. In the catalogue, we find the Celine partition wall, a project inspired by large Japanese windows that was rendered more contemporary with aluminium frames.
For an understated project, the modular wall Quadra stands out for its steel profiles and glass surfaces that divide the space while guaranteeing the total passage of light. Transparent glass is used also for corner elements to create an elegant and sophisticated result.

Albed walk-in wardrobes are custom designed to fit the available space. The wide range of available solutions allows you to create a unique space where attention to detail and innovative solutions will make that space refined and well organised.

Even the Albed bookcases are integral parts of the architectural structure of a home, and help personalise the space to give it unique character. Pieces like Vista Girevole, a bookcase with sliding swivel containers, make it possible to organise space in a completely new way.

The Albed product range is completed with a collection of tables, shelves and benches.

Bredaquaranta is the official retailer of Albed’s signature doors, modular systems and complements, which are ideal for defining and enhancing any home or office space.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Albed brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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