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Carl Hansen
Carl Hansen Dealer – Milan - Italy

Carl Hansen furniture

Carl Hansen was founded in 1908 by the furniture maker of the same name on Funen, a small island in Danish territory. It was successful right from the start, mainly due to two factors: an uncompromising commitment to producing high-quality handicraft products and collaborations with important designers.

Carl Hansen & Søn enjoyed its greatest period of growth during its creative collaboration with Hans J. Wegner, then an unknown designer, which gave life to the brand’s most iconic products - first and foremost, the famous Wishbone Chair, made with extreme care and high quality materials. In the 1950s, Wegner’s products brought Danish design to the fore, he himself becoming one of the most influential designers of the time and his modern furniture a classic and an integral part of the brand's DNA. To this day, Carl Hansen & Søn continues to work with the Hans J. Wegner Studio, which remains a major producers of Wegner's works in Denmark.

Over the years, Carl Hansen & Søn has never broken its strong bond with the Classic Danish style, while at the same time expanding its collection with products by designers from different contexts and open to different influences, with the goal of creating new icons of modern design.
On the one hand, the company continues to produce last century’s iconic products by the likes of Hans J. Wegner, Ole Wanscher, Frits Henningsen and Arne Jacobsen, following ancient production methods in order to preserve a sense of product authenticity; on the other, it promotes partnerships with contemporary designers who share the same idea of simple, functional, artisanal design.

Quality and Sustainability

Every process within the company’s production facilities prioritises the health and safety of workers, as well as the environment. No material is discarded, the wood left over from the production process being used as fuel to heat the company and hundreds of surrounding homes.
At Carl Hansen & Søn, the key to sustainability is making furniture that lasts and that does not need to be changed - and therefore discarded - after a few years. High quality raw materials and first-rate craftsmanship allow the brand to manufacture furniture that will live on for decades and can be handed down from generation to generation. To facilitate this process, the company also offers a repair service to give even the most worn piece of furniture a new lease of life.

The brand’s best-selling products include the Carl Hansen Chairs, such as the Wishbone Chairs in the CH24, the CH22, and the classic CH23 versions. This series of chairs has won international acclaim for its clean lines, its understated use of materials, and its customisation possibilities.

To ensure the highest quality standards, the entire production process involving the brand’s chairs, dining tables, coffee tables, sofas and furniture in general is carried out in Denmark, combining ancient manufacturing techniques with cutting-edge production processes to obtain long-lasting furniture with a modern design.

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