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Conte Bed
Conte Bed Dealer – Milan - Italy

Beds by Conte Bed

The Conte company was founded in the Murgie region of Apulia when Carlo Conte decided to pour all of his know-how into making beds and bedroom furniture. The company quickly expanded to become a strong entrepreneurial group with two distinct brands, Golden Night and Conte Bed, devoted to designing mattresses and prestigious beds. When his son joined the company, the corporate tradition expanded with innovative ideas and greater attention towards the international market. The shared passion of this father-son team was able to grow the company and expand all over the world, also thanks to the high quality of their products and a series of patents.

Conte Bed beds are still produced in Apulia, where expert artisans and specialized workers perform their tasks with a high level of professional expertise and rigor to maintain exceptionally high production standards. Therefore, we could say that Conte Bed is a company that exports the style and quality of “Made in Italy” by supporting the excellence of local artisans.

Conte beds stand out for their refined design and the combination of materials that go into them to make them compatible with any context. For this reason, the brand offers a wide range of finishes, fabrics and materials to be able to outfit any bed model to fit into any type of taste and furnishing scheme.

An element that cannot be neglected when considering sleep is the mattress, which is what actually makes a bed comfortable and relaxing. Conte Bed offers a wide range of mattresses that can satisfy different types of requirements. The catalogue contains high quality mattresses made with extra-breathable biodegradable material, with micro-springs and a topper in either Memory Foam or latex. Each material was conceived to meet specific needs. This is why it is important to choose the model that best corresponds to your personal needs.

All Conte products were designed to convey an emotion through a combination of colours, textures, materials, and excellent details. This is why we find a contrast in the different collections between soft materials and wood, which contains and enhances the performance of the soft parts.

One of the most famous beds is the Dominique, created to display the company’s excellent cabinetmaking abilities. Wood and fabric are used together in models that are visually lighter and more minimal. The Bergère bed, on the other hand, has more important shapes for the soft dimensions and impressive padded parts.

All of their collections are designed the residential and contract markets, because right now, the bed is not the only piece to consider. Beds are often matched with benches and armchairs to help make the bedroom into a comfortable place where many activities take place. Conte beds are considered a part of a wider product line that includes night tables, drawer units, desks and service tables.

For more information and to get a first-hand look at the Conte Bed products, we would love to see you at our showrooms in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni. We are official dealers of these products, and our team of professionals is always ready to help you design your bedroom to outfit with Conte Bed furniture.

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