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Falper Dealer – Milan - Italy

Falper furniture dealer

Falper is an Italian company specialised in designing and producing bathroom systems and furniture. The entire production cycle takes place in-house at their factory in Ozzano Emilia.

Based on family values because of its traditional origin, Falper has evolved through the years to become an important company - a reference point in the sector - thanks to collaborations with renowned designers, architects, artisans and creatives who have conveyed their unique views to each piece.

Today, Falper has eleven collections that stand out for their eclectic style and exquisite Italian craftsmanship. They use certified class E1 birch plywood panels to make their products along with other high quality materials such as solid oak, larch and fir with their original finish, stainless steel, painted glass, precious marbles and biobased Cristalplant.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Falper brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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Falper's Small Living Kitchens - a kitchen space revolution

Small Living Kitchens is a remarkable design project created from a partnership between Falper and designer Andrea Federici. The Small Living Kitchens project…

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Falper's Collections Quattro.Zero and Sette.Zero

Falper imagines a extremely innovative concept for the bathroom. It’s the highest expression of design and function with essential aesthetics: sophisticated elegance…

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Eccentrico by Falper

The new collection by Falper is called Eccentrico and it features an iconic round countertop washbasin (in 5 different types of marble and a Biobased Cristalplant…

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Falper Launches Small Living Kitchens™

Right now, for Milano Design Week 2022, the Falper brand has launched an innovative kitchen model called: Small Living Kitchens™. It’s a new approach to…

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New Falper Bath Colours in 2022

Falper is opening its spring season with several new colours for its sinks, fixtures and tubs: many non-standard hues will become the main attraction of unique,…

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