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Fimar Dealer – Milan - Italy

Fimar furniture dealer

Fimar is a young brand based in Brianza that designs and distributes practical and functional modern furnishings for the many rooms in every home. The collection includes an extensive range of design furniture, which can be customised to suit personal taste: living room wall units, storage beds, wardrobes with TV unit, children’s rooms and bathrooms.

Our showrooms display Fimar brand products in Milan, offering customers functional and innovative design products made of wood. Original and versatile features are inspired by extensive research and in-depth analyses which, starting from macroscopic aspects, narrow down to the smallest details. This process yields dynamic and creative projects fine tuned to meet the needs of modern living.

Fimar Design Furniture

The complete furniture collection creates “casa Fimar”, the brand’s idea of furnishing all areas of the house with its unusual and consistent approach. Aesthetics and materials define new furnishing trends, with “custom design” ruling the scene, as it is essential for every product to adapt to different tastes and settings.

Modern living room wall units stand out among Fimar’s many proposals for doors without handles and interplaying volumes of full and empty storage elements. The large variety of materials and finishes ensures that every item of furniture can adapt to its setting and to the user’s taste, thus enriching the functional elegance of the living room. Our proposals include: Sorvolo D System, characterised by rigorous modern design; Rebel System, an alternative solution with its industrial style and recycled materials; and, finally, Side System, a series of living room wall units studied to transform a classical concept by proposing a disaggregated design made up of different thicknesses and volumes.
Fimar stands apart in the Italian furnishing scene for its patented TV units, which can be recessed into living room walls or wardrobes. Directional, swivel or recessed, Fimar TV units meet every need and offer a unique viewing experience.
Hence exceptionally original furniture, designed to further customise rooms with a style anticipating modern taste and customer needs.

Beds and Wardrobed by Fimar

Beside the living room collection, an extensive range of bedroom furnishings include storage beds, modular wardrobes and complements. The bedroom is a multifunctional space conceived not only for sleeping but also as a leisure time haven.
Suspended beds, such as Sorvolo and Volo, are the main product in Fimar’s catalogue: modern projects enhanced by accessories and characterised by a wide range of finishes and colours.

Fimar wardrobes offer a youthful interpretation of space by introducing the extractable and directional TV unit for the perfect user experience. The wooden structure, which is both solid and flexible, can be made to measure and customised with modern finishes and textures.

Innovation and research, along with ancient handcrafting know-how, make Fimar furnishings a choice of exceptional quality, capable of furnishing the entire house with a modern and yet evergreen style.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Fimar brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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