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Gufram Dealer – Milan - Italy

Gufram Furniture and Complements

Gufram is an Italian company located in Turin. It is known for producing complements with unconventional design, or better, “radical design”, due to the experimental and anti-conformist style of the furniture and complements. In addition to aesthetics, Gufram concentrates on searching for the most current technologies and new materials to develop new products that go beyond every concept, being both disruptive and pop. If you are looking for Gufram products in Milan and the province, come to our Bredaquaranta showrooms, where you can pick the product you want for your home, office or store with the assistance of our specialists.

Gufram was founded in 1966 as an artisan business where ancient traditions meet avant-garde design to form a new concept of modern furnishings. The products that emerge quickly become style icons that people remember for their artistic style, which is a result of the contaminations between artisan craftsmanship and industry. In 2016, under the artistic leadership of Charley Vezza, the company began a new commercial strategy that brought it to celebrate its 50th anniversary. Also, through collaborations with designers and international exhibitions, Gufram has managed to relaunch its brand on all continents, attracting new customers all over the world as a result. Today, Gufram products are present in the permanent collections of the most prestigious furniture museums in the world, such as the MOMA in New York, the Triennale in Milan, the NAMOC in Beijing, and the MAAS in Sidney.

Gufram products are finished in Guflac®, a preparation that makes the surfaces elastic and resistant even to outdoor conditions. Up to 12 coats of this product are applied over the polyurethane foam, and then the piece is decorated and finished with artisan processes. The stools named “The End” best demonstrate this technique: the polyurethane foam shaped like tombstones is finished with Guflac® which also adds typical veining to make it look like granite. Another product with a strong artisan connotation is called Broken Mirror. The frame of this mirror is in polyurethane, sculpted and finished by hand with Guflac® to give it a soft surface that contrasts with the break that it represents.

Today, Gufram is a well-established company, recognized for its unconventional design. It’s an anti-conformist voice that mixes inspirations from the art and fashion sectors to create unique products for interior design projects. To see these pieces up close, we invite you to our showrooms. We are Gufram dealers in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni, and together with our experts, you can choose the product and the finishes that best match your taste.

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