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Henry Glass
Henry Glass Dealer – Milan - Italy

Henry Glass Doors Dealer

Since 1988, Henry Glass has been producing doors, partitions e designer glass windows using one of the oldest and most elegant materials known. The company was founded in a land where glassmaking experience abounds, the area of Murano. For every project, Henry Glass takes inspiration from Venetian master craftsmen and uses innovative techniques to create products of extremely high quality with an unmatched design.

You have a chance to design your domestic or contract space with Henry Glass doors at our showrooms in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni.

The objective of Henry Glass is to give clients what they are looking for, or rather, a product that reflects their needs and personality. This is why each product in the catalogue is custom-made at the production site in Mansuè, near Treviso. The extensive catalogue provides a wide variety of solutions in order to satisfy the needs of any context, from homes to hospitals. Every door, wall and boiserie panel must adapt perfectly to its space. This is why each production phase is meticulously carried out to produce a completely tailor-made product. All of the products in the Henry Glass catalogue are high end. Doors, walls, windows and boiserie panels can be customized in every way to adapt them to the requirements of the private and contract sectors.

Choosing to use glass doors and partitions in your own interior design project increases the dimensions of the rooms and gives them a sense of continuity. This happens because transparency favours the passage of light and makes rooms look larger and more spacious. Even though glass walls make rooms look connected and continuous, they also isolate them and block sounds and odours just like masonry or wooden walls. Henry Glass doors are the solution for closing or delimiting spaces without giving up light and transparency. Depending on your project, the Bredaquaranta architects can show you the best solutions for your needs, such as sliding glass doors, hinged glass doors and glass partitions.

Through the years, know-how and continuous research has allowed the company to take out several patents on functional and decorative aspects. In addition to products in the catalogue, Henry Glass also makes special doors, or rather ancient-style doors that combine art and artisan expertise to form a timeless, original style.

The added value that a company like Henry Glass can bring is to provide highly flexible systems to integrate into almost any environment, where glass and creativity are the real centrepieces.

Our Bredaquaranta showrooms in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni are official Henry Glass retailers. Our experts are available to help you design your home.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Henry Glass brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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Henry Glass Milano

contemporary doors and partitions


via Durini, 5


Telephone: +39 02 36638440
Email: [email protected]

Opening Times

from Monday to Friday
from 10 am to 2 pm and from 3 pm to 7 pm
Saturday from 10 am to 2 pm

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