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Rubelli Dealer – Milan - Italy

Rubelli furniture dealer

A successful company in the textile sector, in addition to being well-known in the furniture and padded furnishing sectors, the Rubelli Group is based in Cucciago, in the province of Como, which at one time was the 19th century Zanchi weaving factory. Here, the company makes most of the fabrics that belong to the Rubelli and Armani Casa collections in addition to textlies in natural and synthetic fibers for special projects and with retardant yards in Trevira CS for the contact sector.

In addition to more than 28 ultra-modern electronic looms, Rubelli also has 18th century hand looms that still work perfectly, which were used in Venice and then transferred to the factory. The ancient looms allow them to produce precious handmade silk velvets that are renowned worldwide by an exclusive clientele. These beautiful fabrics are the “haute couture” of furnishing textiles.

For furniture upholstery, the Rubelli Group works closely with companies in the sector, collaborating with them through the design and production phases and therefore influencing the choice of materials and the precision of finishes. Rubelli has worked in this field since 2005, the year that it acquired the American brand Donghia.

With the creation of a line of furniture and padded furnishings, Rubelli Casa, in 2015, began working closely with a few selected Italian producers to guarantee its clientele the same level of quality that it ensures for its textile products.

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