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Valdesign Dealer – Milan - Italy

Valdesign Kitchen Dealer

The Valdesign company was founded in the 1950s as a small artisan workshop specialised in woodworking. Then in the 1960s, the Piovesana brothers from Alf Group took over the workshop and recognised its potential by investing in new resources. In just a few years, the company managed to become a reference point for designing bedroom furniture. In the decades that followed, the company responded to market needs and introduced new specializations: living room furniture and high-quality modern kitchens.

The objective of Valdesign is to create safe, functional and comfortable kitchens of Italian design. The aesthetics are not left to chance, In fact, there are plenty of bold and unique finishes. For this purpose, the company does continuous technological research internally to find solutions and pairings that are in line with contemporary requirements.

Valdesign kitchens blend into the domestic environment and enhance it with new meaning. The kitchen is seen as a place where people can express themselves best.

Each Valdesign proposal stands out for its particular technical characteristics, created to respond to the different needs of each client. The brand’s models are named Logica, Soho, Forty and Maggiorana. Combining the various elements and accessories, buyers will be able to put together their own customized kitchen. The Valdesign Logica kitchen is the most versatile system. Every finish can be personalized to allow people to create the kitchen of their dreams. The objective of Logica is to be a space where people live every day, where they can find everything in the most convenient and functional position. Groove handles on the doors and drawers are a hallmark feature of the Valdesign Soho kitchen. Shelves and wall units can be personalised to fit different needs, and the floor-to-ceiling columns offer more space and movement for the project. The Valdesign Maggiorana kitchen was inspired by nature, and reproduces the regular rhythm of ancient picket fences on the wooden door panels. However, Maggiorana is not only aesthetics. Organization and ergonomics are also important features: this kitchen adapts completely to the available space through modular solutions that make it possible to build linear kitchens, kitchens with islands and kitchens with corner layouts in any size. The elm wood used for the doors takes us back to a simple and authentic language. Valdesign wants to its projects to be meeting places where we can rediscover our roots and our connection with nature.

Each Valdesign kitchen is reliable and presented to the market as being accessible to everyone though a balanced price-quality ratio. We look forward to seeing you at our showrooms. We are official dealers of Valdesign kitchens in Milan and Sesto San Giovanni.

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bredaquaranta, the official reference point in Italy for the Valdesign brand, is organised in assisting from project design to installation.

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