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Valcucine Dealer – Milan - Italy

Valcucine kitchens

Valcucine Modern Kitchens

Valcucine opened in 1980 and immediately distinguished itself in the sector for its ability to optimise space and produce kitchens that put well-being and human needs in the forefront.
The highest levels of comfort and functionality in a dynamic, easy to use kitchen meet the needs of the people who use it. The brand’s philosophy is expressed perfectly by its symbol - four petals that represent the four elements of Water, Fire, Earth and Air that meet in the centre around the figure of a person to create perfect harmony.

Their Values

Ergonomics in kitchen conceived and designed for people, these kitchens are tailor-made and every element is finalised towards satisfying the needs of its users. An ergonomic kitchen, by definition, is also beautiful, intimate and welcoming: in a room that conveys a sense of well-being, distinctions cannot be made between aesthetics and functionality. In this way, shapes are formed from unusual lines, but they prove to be an optimal adaptation to the need for safety, practical application and design for the individual. Therefore, ergonomics also means comfort, accessibility and attentiveness with regard to health. Each distance, dimension and opening is studied to achieve complete mobility in a space that has an image of family intimacy and tranquillity.

Sustainability is an “ethical” kitchen, designed to lessen its environmental impact. This type of kitchen is based on low energy consumption during the production phase and during its life span, without harmful emissions. Sustainability is a balanced system of use and restoration, which limits the use of raw materials as much as possible. This manifests in the choice of eco-compatible products: completely disposable and recyclable and that last a long time. It is a responsible choice that involves using woods that do not come from old-growth forests and providing tangible support for reforestation projects. Sustainability is designing kitchens with timeless aesthetics that are not impacted by passing fads, a look that people will cherish and not want to replace quickly. Kitchens like these provide a safe, healthy environment through the years, the opposite of modern practices of “disposable” goods and wastefulness, and the ecosystem can only benefit from this approach.

Innovation means producing by “dematerialising”. It means using minimal quantities of raw materials, reusing materials, energy efficiency, and respect for the environment. It means reaching a standard that will allow us to completely recycle all products and to produce non-toxic materials and processes. Innovation is also the continuous research into new materials and new shapes, guaranteeing that our kitchens have great aesthetic taste while also being resistant and durable through time. Innovation is the ability to imagine. Innovating means knowing how to look beyond the present, concentrating on the world of tomorrow and the legacy that we want to leave to future generations.

Special Valcucine Elements

All this is impressed on the essential elements that can be inserted into every kitchen in the collection. New Logica System is a line of accessories featuring extractable baskets and wall-mounted elements that provide options for meeting as many needs as possible. Aesthetics and functionality meet here to make it possible to conceal all equipment present in the kitchen.
Light is propagated by a luminous panel inserted inside the elements, which adds a sense of lightness and order.
To enhance every island, the Accessorised Bridge collects all kitchen accessories and leaves the room open and light.
With V-Motion, just one touch will open doors, turn on the tap and turn on the light in the preferred colour. A patented system gives a unique sensation that reconnects us to natural elements. Logica Theca is an innovative accessorised back section that permits intelligent organisation of your Valcucine kitchen. This containment element is full of accessories and closed by a single door that hides everything you need to work in your kitchen. A simple solution, it opens with a single touch and allows you to see immediately what is inside and use it instantly.

Valcucine Contemporary Kitchens

Each proposal shares the same high quality standards for the design and for the materials used to make it. Valcucine is committed to producing kitchens with strong aesthetic impact that also safeguard human health and the planet. For this reason, they created Artematica, the world’s first 100% recyclable kitchen, made with doors that have an aluminium frame and 5mm HPL panels. Pure materials like glass and wood are combined to satisfy the client’s taste, and reach the level of exclusive fineness that a work of art would enjoy.

After that, they designed Riciclantica, a symbol of the highest dematerialisation which reduced door thicknesses to only 2mm. Light and resistant, this model allows maximum freedom in forming compositions due to its futuristic graphic design.

The Genius Loci kitchen has made the drawer into a precious jewel that makes the kitchen absolutely unique. It becomes a detail, a secret space which integrates perfectly with the volumes of the kitchen.

Maximum aesthetic cleanness is the hallmark of Forma Mentis. A modern Valcucine kitchen without handles, it can be completely customised to meet the needs of the client: worktop thickness, groove handle type and colour combinations of the different profiles can all be selected as desired.

Logica Celata is a new kitchen concept that combines the concepts of bar, cooking and preparation. It is a functional configuration in which each time a door is opened, everything is ready to be identified and used.

Valcucine furnishes spaces, also with an eye for living room design. The goal is an open, flowing environment where furnishings replace walls, separating space dynamically without closing off rooms.

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