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Modern Dining by Porro

Modern is a flexible, variegated system of modular cabinets created by the Porro brand. This system was designed to offer more space through clear and essential lines which define the shapes of new concepts. With its simple patterns, Modern wants to emphasize the excellence of its finishes and design function, as we can clearly see from the Dining section.

The system was developed from a simple idea: adding movement to any space with a purely geometric module.

The module measures only 400 mm vertically and horizontally. Its particular 45° connection between the side and the top add a high level of formal quality to the unit. Modern highlights the geometric purity of the square. These different modules connect to one another to adapt to different furnishing styles and spatial needs. As usual, Porro continues to make only the best pieces of furniture for daily living: they’re all functional, durable, and unique.

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